Dear Successful Woman,

Does work come easily because you know what to do to get excellent results? Does the effort you put into your job tend to lead to more success?  If you’ve answered yes, those qualities that are helping you succeed in your career may actually be keeping you from love.

Here’s what I mean…the effort of doing, thinking, initiating, and taking charge from 9 to 5 has the opposite effect in love.  That’s been my experience and my clients’ experience.  I understand how disheartening and confusing things can be when you’re trying and the love you want isn’t coming to fruition.

If so much of your life is going well for you, and you feel embarrassed about not having love figured out, I’ve been there too. As a smart, capable, successful career woman, it was hard to admit at times, that my love life wasn’t as successful. If you’re like I was, you’re giving the impression that you’ve got it all together and are hesitant to share otherwise with friends and family.

On the surface, I seemed fine with not having the love I desired.  After all, my career was going well and I enjoyed spending time with friends and family.  Even though I knew my life was good, deep down, I wanted that special someone to share my life with.  When I was finally able to cultivate the conditions for love to bloom, that’s when my love life positively shifted for good.  Perhaps you’d like that too…

As the Love Mentor for Thinking Women, I help you experience exceptional love using your mind and intuition. When you see things clearly and feel at ease, you’ll know what to do and feel hopeful about love.

If you’re struggling internally with love, learn how you can cultivate the conditions for love to thrive in your Ease and Clarity Love Session.

With Love,

Janet Ong Zimmerman

Founder of Love for Successful Women & Your Tango Expert

Co-Author of International Best Seller Sexy Secrets to a Juicy Love Life.

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