Dear Successful Woman,

Are you a smart woman who is confident and decisive in most areas of life, yet uncertain and indecisive when it comes to love? Do you repeat the same relationship patterns like overanalying and obsessing over details, asking the wrong people for advice and leading with masculine energy? Have you tried conventional methods to improve your love life only to have love elude you? If you’ve answered “yes” to any of these questions, I understand how frustrated, confused and disheartened you may be. I’ve been there too.

As a Relationship Coach, I coach you on freeing internal barriers so you can move forward with ease and clarity to your ideal love life. I help you create true and lasting love by breaking free from the confines of rational thought and reconnecting with your heart. Love resides in your heart and taking a heart-centered approach to love leads to a deeper and more fulfilling connection with your partner.

Here are helpful resources that may help you travel to love with more ease.

  • If you’re having a hard time finding love, take the Love Indicator Assessment. You’ll receive a free 6-page report showing where you’re at with love, the reasons you haven’t found it yet and what you can do to immediately improve your love life.
  • Disappointed from dating and heartbroken from on-again and off-again relationships? Consider taking a better approach that lets a man cherish, appreciate and respect you.  Learn why you should let yourself be wooed.
  • If you’re frustrated and tired about not being successful in love, get your free Monthly Guide to Love. You’ll receive insightful articles, inspirational resources and best practices that you can use immediately.

We all have a message to share that can help the world. These messages usually come from difficult life lessons we’ve grown from and transcended in our own lives. True love is my BIG life lesson. Because I understand what you’re going through to find love and have successfully transformed my love life as well as others, I’m passionate about helping you create and sustain lasting love! To learn about my journey to love, keep reading.

My vision is that all successful women create true love with ease and clarity. Thank you for joining me here and helping to make my vision a reality. May you have the love you desire and deserve!

May you find love in your life,

Janet Ong Zimmerman

Relationship Coach for Successful Women & Your Tango Expert

Co-Author of International Best Seller Sexy Secrets to a Juicy Love Life.

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