Clarity is the Direct Route to True Love

by Janet Ong Zimmerman on 07/25/2011

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Road Maps That Take Us Down the Wrong Path

Have you ever driven to a destination without a map, and been lost and frustrated along the way?  Without a clear road map, we take the wrong roads, make wrong turns, backtrack and repeat until we finally get there.  This indirect route can take a long time to get to our destination.

We face these obstacles on the road to love when we’re unclear.  Obstacles appear as doubt, indecision, hesitation, unknowing, frustration, stress and repeating the same mistakes.  While this roadmap of obstacles may get us to love eventually, it tends to happen in an accidentally way.  Accidental love can happen when we go out with men who show interest in us without us first determining what we really want.

Consider a different approach.  What if you could create your ideal love relationship with a road map that takes you directly there?  Imagine how much more enjoyable and stress-free your journey would be.

Take the Clear Path to True Love

Clarity is the destination of true love.  When you’re clear, you can build a road map that takes you directly to your ideal relationship.  Getting crystal clear is one of the best ways to get the love you desire.  Clarity comes from identifying your “love passions” around your ideal relationship.  Identifying your love passions means consciously creating the love you desire.  This inspiring approach to love calls for a different mindset.

The Passion Test gives you a heart-centered way to identify your top 5 love passions that are important for your ideal love relationship.  These top 5 love passions give you the clarity to know exactly what to focus your attention on.  What we focus our attention on grows stronger in our life.

It’s human nature to to focus on what we don’t want.  For instance, say you don’t want a man who can’t be trusted.  Chances are, you’ve been attracting untrustworthy men into your life.  The universe hears “men who can’t be trusted” and brings that type of man to you.  Instead, focus on wanting a man who is trustworthy.  The universe hears “man who is trustworthy” and will bring that type of man to you.  The Passion Test helps you keep your attention on what you want.

Getting clear on what you want is a super effective and direct way to attract true love.

If you haven’t attracted the relationship of your dreams, what has your attention been focused on?  How clear are you about what you want in your love relationship?

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