Magnetize the Masculine by Honoring the Feminine

by Caroline Shearer on 05/29/2012

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Dear friends, I first met Caroline from her inspiring book, Women Will Save the World.  She graciously shares her perspective on honoring the feminine within. She is uplifting, inspiring and empowering. May you enjoy Caroline’s post as much as I do! Love, Janet

“I want women to embrace, love, and honor themselves and to feel inspired to be the best they can be – that is where we start. By appreciating our feminine qualities, we step more into who we are, and that love overflows from us and affects those around us. In that place of power, we show others that love is what the world is about.” – discussing Women Will Save the World  

Standing Fully in Our Feminine:

  • Allows us to be in our personal power
  • Feels more fulfilling
  • Brings out masculine qualities in our male mates
  • Helps attract mates living in their masculine!

Many women understand that in some areas of our lives, most often our careers, we tend to operate in a masculine state of being. This is what helps us to organize, strategize, and achieve. We even can experience a rush with this, the “Yes!” of finishing a hard task, obtaining an excellent client, or earning an honor. And, it is wonderful we are able to tap into this side of ourselves.

To experience more love in our lives, however, we want to shift this “Go get ‘em” energy to one of receptivity. Instead of trying to go after attention, we magnetize it. This feels so very different than masculine energy, as feminine receptivity energy is ethereal, subjective, and often “unknown.” This is because being feminine is not an objective we can achieve; rather, we must allow ourselves to be and experience feminine energy.

What I have found, is that while I appreciate the masculine parts of myself, I am most fulfilled when I also am indulging my creative, feminine side. I may get little hits of “Yes!” when I accomplish masculine tasks, but when I step fully into my feminine, I am wrapped up in an energy that is electric and stimulating and makes it feel like the whole world has stopped. That is the beauty of the feminine.

When we step fully into the feminine, we then begin to magnetize men who are embracing their masculine sides – a perfect balance of our energies. This means not only are we attracting potential partners, but we are attracting the right kinds of partners.

This still begs the question: How do we live more in our feminine? Here is a list of ways to celebrate your feminine, from one of my books, Women Will Save the World.

Ways to Celebrate Your Feminine

  1. Make it a priority to find women who will support you unconditionally, and spend time with them on a regular basis.
  2. Release any guilt you may feel about being “girly,” participating in “traditional” roles that feel right to you, and in engaging in feminine activities that nourish your soul, mind, and body.
  3. Allow men to celebrate their masculine.
  4. Create a plan to spend time on a regular basis in a way you find nourishing – and stick to it.
  5. Compliment yourself when you look into a mirror.
  6. Any time you have a negative thought about yourself, “erase” it and replace it with ten positive thoughts or compliments.
  7. Appreciate that calm and emotionally wholesome relationships provide opportunities for personal growth.
  8. Exhale, and allow yourself to be confident and secure in the wisdom of your womanhood.
  9. Exercise in ways that feel comforting and supportive of your beautiful, womanly body.
  10. Appreciate that nature creates, just as women do, and make efforts to spend more time in it.
  11. Celebrate your body as a temple, and delight in the gift of your sexual nature.
  12. Greet personal growth and exploration with childlike openness and eagerness.
  13. Genuinely like yourself.
  14. Appreciate the menstrual cycle as a time for reflection, renewal, and self-nurturance.
  15. Empower yourself during pregnancy and in birth, and trust that your body is a divine being of creation with inherent self-knowledge about the process.
  16. Step out of your comfort zone, and then applaud yourself for your bravery.
  17. Wear frilly, soft pajamas or undergarments for your own pleasure.
  18. Allow yourself to flirt innocently and smile at the world.
  19. Decorate your environments in ways that uplift and inspire you to be your best self.
  20. Recognize that it is healthy to want personal time, and step fully into it.

Caroline A. Shearer is the founder of Absolute Love Publishing, which was born out of a mission to create and publish projects promoting goodness in the world. Known as a fresh, distinctive, spiritual voice, Caroline’s visionary leadership is uplifting, gently blending love and inspiration. A bestselling author, Caroline’s popular books include, “Dead End Date,” the first book in the Adventures of a Lightworker metaphysical mystery series; “Love Like God: Embracing Unconditional Love;” “Love Like God Companion;” “Raise Your Vibration: Tips and Tools for a High-Frequency Life,” a min-e-book™, and “Women Will Save the World.” In addition to her own projects, she founded Spirited Press, an assisted self-publishing imprint that operates under the umbrella of Absolute Love Publishing.

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