Six Relationship Articles Worth Reading

by Janet Ong Zimmerman on 03/12/2013

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If you’re looking to improve your love life, these six relationship articles provide a proactive and positive approach to love. The timeless wisdom you’ll gain gives you insight, inspiration and ways to heal a broken heart, move towards the love you desire, and build a deeper relationship with the one you love. They are from some of my favorite sites (listed in no specific order). I hope you enjoy these as much as I do.

1.  12 Relationship Truths I Wish I Knew (Marc and Angel Hack Life)

There are certain relationship truths that last a lifetime. These 12 relationship truths are heart felt and inspiring. If you take these truths to heart, they will transform you, your relationships and your life.

2.  From Broken Heart to Open Heart: When Breaking Up is a Good Thing (Tiny Buddha)

When a romantic relationship doesn’t work out, spend time alone and focus on you. This is a more healthy approach to healing a broken heart. It gives you the time and space to love yourself, do things you love, and do the inner work to open your heart.

3.  How to Get Over the Nostalgia of Lost Love (Care 2 Make a Difference)

If you’re wondering, “Why didn’t my relationship work out with him?” the simple yet hard-to-understand answer is that every person comes into your love life for a reason, a season or a lifetime. When he is no longer in your life, even if you still love him, his reason and time with you has been fulfilled. Here are nine ways to overcome the nostalgia of lost love.

4.  How to Attract a Partner Who Brings Out Your Best Self (Mind Body Green)

Like attracts like. If you’re insecure and want to attract a man who is confident, you’ll end up attracting a man who is not secure in himself. The qualities you want in a partner (i.e. loving, expressive, open, thoughtful, trusting, adventurous, etc.), are the same qualities you need to embody.

5.  The Seven Deadly Sins of a Relationship (Zen Habits)

All relationships have their challenges. Leo Babauta shares how resentment, jealousy, unrealistic expectations, not making time, lack of communication, not showing gratitude and lack of affection will ruin a relationship.

6.  A Letter to Your Heart (Positively Positive)

Self love is the most important relationship you can have. The more love you give to yourself, the more love you can give to another. This sweet letter with its beautiful and inspiring message will open your heart and help you love yourself more.

What Are Your Favorite Articles?

Please share your favorite dating and relationship articles in the comments. Other readers may find them helpful. I’d love to know what articles have helped you take a proactive and positive approach to love. Wishing you well-being and ease on your journey to love.


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