10 Reasons to Love Yourself Completely

by Janet Ong Zimmerman on 09/24/2013

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Love Starts Within

When you love yourself first and see the world, life and love through eyes of love, everything changes. Love becomes less arduous and more harmonious. If you’re dating, you attract men who are happy and whole. If you’re in a long-term relationship, you’re able to embrace your partner’s quirks, be more compassionate and see him through fresh eyes.

Love truly starts within. The type of men and relationships you’ve attracted are based on how much or little you love yourself, and the way you love or don’t love yourself. The more you love yourself, the more you will attract a man who completely loves and accepts you.

10 Reasons to Love Yourself Completely

Reason #1: To be whole and comfortable in your own skin
When you love yourself completely, you accept and embrace all of who you are. You are able to let the good and self-perceived bad exist within you, without trying to hide them from others. Instead of seeking approval, acceptance or love from someone else, you’re free to be yourself.

Reason #2: To love your partner more
You can only love another to the degree that you love yourself. When you love all of who you are, the compassion you feel towards yourself and your partner opens your heart to love him for who he is instead of who you wish he could be.

Reason #3: To be loved by your partner
You teach others how to love you by the way you love yourself. When you love yourself, flaws and all, your man will love and appreciate you even more.

Reason #4: To be seen and known for whom you are
You interact with others based on who you are, not who you or they think you should be. In doing so, you will know what others really think of you and where you stand.

Reason #5: To have a deeper and meaningful connection
Vulnerability is where emotional intimacy happens. Being vulnerable means expressing your true thoughts and feelings, without attachment to how your partner might react or respond. When you are vulnerable, your partner feels more comfortable opening up and sharing himself with you.

Reason #6: To handle difficulties with more ease
Self love is the foundation of a healthy relationship. All relationships have their ups and downs. When difficulties happen, you’re able to handle them with more ease and love, instead of letting fear set in.

Reason #7: To be more forgiving, compassionate and kind
Criticism and judgment about yourself and others make way for acceptance of mistakes and imperfections. Instead of trying to change your partner, you’re able to see beyond his quirkiness into the beautiful essence of his soul. (Note: It is a red flag if his quirkiness is immoral or unethical.)

Reason #8: To value yourself
Loving and valuing yourself go hand in hand. Instead of getting sidetrack by men and relationships that aren’t healthy for you, you’re able to stay on track to having the love you desire. Staying on track brings you more certainty and clarity around your vision of love.

Reason #9: To simplify love
Drama disappears. You don’t take things personally, make assumptions or read into things. You’re able to be with what is because you trust in the outcome. In doing so, things unfold naturally and love flows with more ease.

Reason #10: To understand everything happens for your greater good
You know everything is happening for you instead of to you. When challenges arise, you see them as opportunities and ask, “Why is this happening for my greater good?”

Love Yourself First and the Rest Will Follow

Since you aren’t dependent on someone else’s love in order to be happy or to feel good about yourself, you will attract men who are happy and feel good about themselves. Instead of two broken, incomplete people coming together and struggling their way to love, you and he are two whole, complete people traveling with more ease and enjoying the journey to love. Love yourself first and the love you desire will fall into place.


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