23 Feminine Qualities That Will Improve Your Love Life

by Janet Ong Zimmerman on 12/17/2013

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Leave Masculine Traits at Work

Are you applying masculine traits that have brought you success in your professional life to your love life? If so, you’re most likely feeling frustrated and confused about not finding the same success in love. Here’s why.

If you spend much of your waking hours at work, you most likely are explaining things logically and sequentially to get others on board with your perspectives and projects. Trying to connect with dates or with your partner using a similar approach will make you seem like a guy. These masculine traits bring you success at work, but when it comes to love, masculine traits have the opposite effect.

If you want to be with a masculine man who pursues you, connect with your feminine essence. Femininity is the one thing that differentiates you from a man. Femininity is about expressing your softer side. It’s more than the way you dress, wear your makeup and style you hair.

A Feminine Woman Has Depth

Words without feelings and emotions are like a beautiful woman who is not attractive on the inside. Both have no depth. A feminine woman has depth. She is in touch with her feelings and isn’t afraid to be open. She sees vulnerability as a sign of strength and the place where deeper connections are made.

She knows that the way to a man’s heart is by expressing her feelings and emotions with grace. And when she does, she provides a safe place for her man to open up and just be himself. He feels accepted and respected for who he is. And in turn, she feels appreciated and cherished.

23 Feminine Qualities to Embody

Catching and keeping a masculine man’s attention means embodying and living into feminine qualities. In doing so, you will stand out, making him want you more. Here are 23 feminine qualities to live into.

  1. Surrender – instead of trying to control things, be and do things that support what you want, then let go and let God.
  2. Be Receptive – be open to his feedback, ideas and opinions (unless they are immoral or unethical).
  3. Show Emotions – be with the feelings that come up inside of you and express how you really feel
  4. Be Radiant – let your inner beauty shine by doing the inner work to resolve unhealthy habits and patterns
  5. Flow – be flexible and go with the flow more instead of being so intense
  6. Be Sensual – become comfortable with and love your body
  7. Be Nurturing – nourish and nurture your relationship so that it thrives
  8. Be Affectionate – express your affections verbally, emotionally and physically so that he knows you care for him
  9. Share – be generous in sharing yourself, your time and your love
  10. Be Gentle – be gentle on yourself and your man when things aren’t the way you want them to be
  11. Be Patient – let things unfold naturally instead of trying to rush things
  12. Choose Love – leave your fears behind and let love drive your interactions and relationship
  13. Respond – let him initiate and then respond; in doing so, you will learn how much he wants (or doesn’t) you in his life
  14. Be Intuitive – answers to matter of love are found in your intuition; listen to your body and respond accordingly
  15. Be Sweet – be sweet for it makes you lovable
  16. Be Approachable – let your guard down and be open so that your man feels comfortable telling you what’s really going on
  17. Be Empathetic – be sensitive to his thoughts, feelings and challenges
  18. Be Vulnerable – let him experience the real you, the good and self-perceived bad
  19. Be Humble – when something good happens, be grateful and give credit to your partner if he helped the something good happen
  20. Be Generous – give your attention by listening to and hearing your partner; spend time together enjoying each other’s company; be supportive
  21. Be Balanced – live a harmonious life by giving balanced attention to your personal and professional life
  22. Be Patient – when facing challenges in love, know that everything is happening for your greater good and this too shall pass
  23. Be Soft – let go of baggage, disappointment and heartache from past relationships not working out so that your heart is open to love.

Choose a few of these feminine qualities and experiment with them. Take a practice makes better approach and watch your love life change for the better. What’s your biggest challenge with being feminine?

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  • disqus_EA9Gx04iZx

    What a lot of CRAP! Nobody should force themselves into masculine, feminine or Martian traits for that matter, but just aim to be the person that they genuinely are, and then find someone compatible.

    • That’s true – nobody should force themselves into certain traits. The intention of this post is to share suggestions on how a woman can connect with her feminine essence if she wants to be with a masculine man. Every woman has feminine traits and can connect best with the ones that are genuine to who she is. In romantic love, when a women uses masculine traits to connect with a masculine man, it leads to an energy of competing instead of connecting. Thanks for sharing your perspective.

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