Make Peace with Your Past to Create a Loving Future

by Janet Ong Zimmerman on 02/11/2014

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History will repeat itself with variations of the same men and relationships that keep showing up when you’re not at peace with your past. The disappointment, regret, shame, anxiety, depression, stress, etc., that ensue from living like this will keep you stuck in the past. Reliving your past in the present will give you a future that’s like your past.

In a moment, you’ll learn the kind of questions to ask that will ease the burden of the past. But first, let’s look at what may be preventing you from having inner ease.

How baggage keeps you from peace

You may think you’re at peace with your love life. But upon closer examination, it’s possible there may be some baggage lingering from your past. Answering these questions will reveal if you have the opportunity to make peace with your past. Are you…?

  • Bitter from your breakup
  • Angry at your ex
  • Still feeling guilty about something you said or did
  • Regretful about letting the one get away
  • Holding a grudge from a past relationship
  • Still thinking about what might have been
  • Unable to forgive yourself
  • Thinking “why me” or “not this again” when problems come up in your love life
  • Having a hard time being happy about your love life
  • Worried or anxious about your future

If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, you are not at peace with your past.

Release your baggage to make peace with your past

The areas that are keeping you stuck are the questions you’ve answered yes to. I’ve come to believe that everything happens for our greater good, especially the difficulties we’ve experienced in love. If you’re having a hard time believing this, I invite you to play along.

Begin loosening your grip on any remaining baggage by asking the bigger questions. For each question you answered yes to, ask, “How has this happen for my greater good?” “What are the positives that have come from this situation?” “What lessons can I learn from this that will better support me in moving forward?” Answering these bigger questions will open up other perspectives and ways of seeing things.

Don’t force the answers if they’re not coming up for you right away. Just asking these questions can plant the seed to open your mind. And when the time is right, the answers will come to you.

If you’re having a difficult time moving forward, heal the wounds from your past so you can finally have the lasting love you desire. When you are at peace, the fog from carrying mental anguish is lifted and replaced with clarity, hope and inspiration. You will once again be able to open your heart to living in the here and now. And in doing so, you will create a bright future filled with love, joy and peace. What will you do to being making peace with your past?

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