32 Days to Love Yourself More

by Janet Ong Zimmerman on 08/12/2014

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I believe we are born with self-love and learn to be critical and judgmental about ourselves at a young age.  If you are having critical and judgmental thoughts about yourself, you aren’t yet loving yourself completely.  Since the relationship you have with yourself directly affects your relationship with others, learning to love yourself is the most important journey you can take.

Self-Love Practices for the Body, Mind and Soul

Here are 32 days of self-love practices that when practiced consistently transforms critical and judgmental thoughts into kind and loving thoughts.  Feel free to modify these daily challenges or create your own.

  • Day 1: Ask loved ones what they love about you
  • Day 2: Say “I love you” every time you look in the mirror (look in the mirror often J)
  • Day 3: Speak kindly to yourself
  • Day 4: List 5 qualities you dislike about yourself and how each have helped you in positive ways
  • Day 5: Accept and embrace your imperfections
  • Day 6: List 5 qualities you love about yourself and why you love them
  • Day 7: Do something that soothes your soul
  • Day 8: Spend time in a place that invigorates you
  • Day 9: Do something special for yourself
  • Day 10: Say “yes” only to requests and things that make you feel good
  • Day 11: Let go of the negative ways you perceive yourself
  • Day 12: Be with who you truly are – the good and self-perceived flaws
  • Day 13: Indulge your mind with positive thoughts
  • Day 14: Make a mountain into a molehill
  • Day 15: Please others only if you are staying true to who you are
  • Day 16: Speak from your heart (i.e. express yourself authentically, speak your voice even if it shakes)

  • Day 17: Stop judging yourself
  • Day 18: Visualize and feel love pouring into your cracks of imperfection
  • Day 19: Accept the “what is” that is keeping you from inner peace
  • Day 20: Imagine that everything you want is already here
  • Day 21: Be neutral to other people’s drama
  • Day 22: Forgive your past mistakes
  • Day 23: Care less about what others think of you
  • Day 24: Hope for the best
  • Day 25: Pamper yourself by doing something you love
  • Day 26: Nourish your body by eating mindfully
  • Day 27: Get active – go hiking, walking, etc.
  • Day 28: Sleep until you feel well rested
  • Day 29: Be grateful for your challenges
  • Day 30: Believe that what you want will come true
  • Day 31: Live your life now instead of putting it on hold or waiting for something to happen first
  • Day 32: Journal about how you now feel about yourself

Reflect, Imagine and Transform

As you put these into practice, notice the ones that are easy and the ones that are more difficult.  The more difficult ones bring to light the areas to focus more on.  These areas present the most opportunity for learning and growing; they help you become your best self.

These list of practices are timeless and can be used in so many ways.  For instance, you can choose one to focus on for the week or month.  You can create a self-love group with friends and share your experiences, insights and suggestions for rising above difficulties experienced along the way.  You can create a vision board that represent these practices.  Use your imagination to create a deeper experience of self-love.

The journey to loving yourself will positively transform your life and those around you.  Make a conscious effort to practice these ways to love yourself more.  Take an experimental approach instead of putting pressure on yourself to do these things perfectly.  I would love to hear your thoughts about these practices and suggestions you have for loving yourself more.  Feel free to share them in the comments.

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