Experience Your Journey to Love with Ease and Clarity

by Janet Ong Zimmerman on 09/01/2015

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You may be thinking, “I’d like to experience love with ease and clarity.  Who wouldn’t want that?”  Yet what we’d like doesn’t always happen as evidenced by the struggles many women have around love (i.e. thinking they’re running out of time, not believing there are great men out there, having a hard time moving on from their past, etc.)

Perhaps these are some of the same struggles you’re experiencing…and if so, you’ll soon learn an approach that helps you experience your journey to love with more ease and clarity.  But first, here’s an explanation of a common approach that may be causing your journey to be fraught with struggle.

What keeps you from ease and clarity

If you’re like many successful women, you’re used to doing and thinking your way to success in almost all areas of life.  When it comes to your job, doing and thinking has probably led to great results.  This linear and logical approach that works so well in your professional life tends to have the opposite effect in your love life.  Here’s why…

Love isn’t linear and logical.  It’s circular and vague at times.  The linear and logical approach of doing and thinking your way to love brings up insecurities, doubt, uncertainty – this inner turmoil makes you see things for what you imagine them to be.

When doing and thinking your way to love, you’ll be doing one or more of these things.

  • Initiating dates and communication
  • Giving too much and feeling unappreciated or being taken advantage of
  • Overanalyzing his words and actions
  • Talking with friends to figure out your love dilemmas
  • Controlling things to happen the way you want them to
  • Maneuvering things to get your needs met
  • Having a hard time being with what is

If this approach has been making your love life stressful and not letting you see things clearly, you can take the approach of being and feeling.

Why it’s essential to experience love with ease and clarity

Being and feeling helps you relax and open up to love – when you’re relaxed and open, you’ll experience love with ease and clarity.  The side benefit from this is the happy and confident energy you’ll be radiating will cause men to engage with you in a more positive manner.  You’ll also know sooner how a man clearly feels about you and what his intentions are.

The approach that lets you experience love with ease and clarity

To begin feeling more ease and seeing things clearly, here are two practices to get started with.

Practice #1: Sit back and relax by letting men initiate dates and communication more.  When you’re responding instead of trying to make things happen, you’ll naturally feel more at ease and be able to read his signals better.  Instead of overlooking red flag behaviors, you’ll be learning if his actions are backing up his words.

Practice #2: Instead of doing things to get a guy to like you, embrace and be your genuine self – even the parts of you that you wish were different.  Being your real self means speaking your truth and expressing your true thoughts and feelings.  If you’re worried about hurting his feelings or being judged, when you communicate authentically in a respectful and kind manner, things will work out the way they’re meant to.  The more you express your true self, the more you’ll clearly recognize the right man when he shows up.

How your experience of love will shift

You may initially feel uncomfortable and vulnerable when taking the being and feeling approach.  Since this is a different approach and outside of your comfort zone, remind yourself that the doing and thinking approach to love hasn’t been working for you.  Then shift your focus back to being and feeling.

Being and feeling will help you naturally experience love with more ease and clarity.  It also lets your inner wisdom guide you in seeing things for what they are, help you make wise choices, and lets your inner beauty shine.

I’d love to know your thoughts about being and feeling your way to love.  Please share them in the comments below.

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