One Super Easy Way to Know a Man’s True Intentions

by Janet Ong Zimmerman on 10/13/2015

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If you’ve been seeing a guy and things are going well, you might wonder, “Is he wanting something casual?  Is he seeing other women?  Maybe I’m wanting to rush things.., etc., can get in the way of relaxing and letting the answers rise up.  Thoughts like those that swirl around in your head don’t allow for seeing things clearly and understanding his intentions.

If you’re like many successful women, you’re skilled at thinking about things, so much so that you may tend to overthink and overanalyze a man’s words, behaviors and actions – all which makes love harder than need be.

Why you should relax and let a man show up

Relaxing and letting a man show up for who he is, is always in your best interest.  Here’s why…

  • When you’re not trying hard to get his attention or manipulate things, you’re not behaving and acting in ways that compromise your integrity and happiness. This keeps your self-esteem intact and builds your self-worth, and ultimately makes you a high value woman.
  • You’ll be learning to take things less personally, and not making something he does, mean something bad about you.
  • The effort and energy spent overthinking, overanalyzing, and trying to figure things out can be put to rest. Instead you’ll feel freer to live your life and do things you love.
  • If he doesn’t feel the same way about you, you’ll be better able to work through disappointment, anger, and other low-energy emotions.

If you’re tired of trying to figure out a man’s true intentions, here’s one simple thing you can do – with almost no effort on your part – that completely reveals his true intentions.

The sure-fire way to know a man’s intentions

That one thing you can do is notice how he shows up.  By taking this approach of noticing, you can sit back, relax, and not do anything.  This means you’re no longer trying hard to get a man’s attention.  Nor are you trying to manipulate things so you can see him again.  The only thing you’ll be doing is noticing how he’s showing up…without judging him, without making him wrong, and without taking it personally.

For instance, let’s say a man you’ve been steadily seeing for the past four months hasn’t introduced you to his friends or family.  You notice when the subject comes up, he has some reason or another why you haven’t met them.  Notice the facts – this is a man who hasn’t introduced you to his friends or family.  Instead of trying to maneuver your way into an invitation to meet them, sit back and notice how you’re feeling about this…

That approach sounds counterintuitive to the saying, “Anything worth having takes work.”  But the reality is, the more work you put into trying to make things happen, the more exhausted you’ll feel.  And when you’re exhausted, you’ll overlook or rationalize red flags, and see things for what you want them to be instead of for what they are.

This approach will let you see things clearly and experience things with more ease.  And you won’t feel the need to get your friends’ advice and opinions.

The choice becomes yours

If you’re noticing that the man you’re seeing is not showing up the way you’d like him to (i.e. hasn’t introduced you to his friends and family), and if he’s a genuinely good man, express your thoughts from your perspective (i.e. make it about you).

For instance, you could say something like, “It seems like things have been going really well with us and I’m noticing I haven’t met any of your friends or family.  When this topic has come up, I’ve sensed your discomfort or hesitation.  Is there something more to this that I should be aware of?”  Then see how he responds.  Based on his response and actions that follow, you’ll be at choice in whether you want to continue seeing him or not.

If on the other hand, your relationship has been a bit difficult from the start and continues to be, you’re better off walking away so that you can be available for a man who is better suited for you.

Remember, it’s always in your best interest to relax and notice how a man shows up.  What are your thoughts about this super easy way to know a man’s true intentions?

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