Choose One Word for the New Year

by Janet Ong Zimmerman on 01/05/2016

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If New Year’s resolutions aren’t for you, and you’d like a way to create your desired life and experience of love, choose one word to focus on this year. The intention for this word is to help you become your best self, guide and shape your year, and ultimately create what really matters.

Ease is My Word

For the past few years, life has been quite busy. I’ve been working full-time while building Love for Successful Women, spending time with my husband, family and friends, living responsibly, and squeezing in a social life. Early in 2015, I became an auntie to my beautiful niece and nephew, Mia and Leo. Their arrival into this beautiful world, along with my busy lifestyle, has brought what really matters to the forefront.

What really matters is spending more of my time in ways that bring me great joy. Since time is a premium, I’d like to figure out how to expand my time to create my ideal lifestyle while feeling easeful about the time I currently spend on things that are less than ideal.

Why Ease Matters to Me

Here’s why that matters to me. Like many of you, I’ve been carrying a full load. Our lives aren’t compartmentalized and one thing affects another. So the pressure I feel at times from other areas of my life can sometimes affect the way I show up in my love life. And if I’m honest, sometimes, I don’t like the way I’ve shown up. Here’s what I mean…

My husband values being listened to and heard. Sometimes when I’m working late into the night and have a deadline to meet, I’m not always able to stop what I’m doing to pay close attention to what he’s saying. Ideally, I would stop everything I’m doing, be fully present, and hear what he’s saying. I do the best I can and fortunately, my husband is understanding. Yet, it’s not what I prefer and something I’d like to change.

Why Ease is My Word

Here’s why ease is my word. Because of my busy lifestyle and situations that aren’t able to be changed in the near future, I want to stop judging myself which causes pressure within me. If I drop what I don’t want and replace it with what I want, it’s ease.

The thought of easing up on myself feels much better. With ease, my body will feel more relaxed and I’ll be better able to flow with what is while creating more of the lifestyle I want. And as a side benefit, the energy from ease will positively affect others around me.

What’s your word?

One word can make a big difference. Choose a word that uplifts you, inspires you, and is something you want to live into. Share your word in the comments below and I’ll meet you there. 🙂

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