Radio Silence – Is He Losing Interest Between Dates?

by Janet Ong Zimmerman on 10/11/2016

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Today’s post is from Nick Bastion, a dating and relationship expert. He shares 3 solid signs that reveal if a guy is losing interest…

So you have gone on a date with a guy, things seem to have gone well. You’re excited about the possibilities you imagine can happen if you end up taking things to the next level. You might even see a real possibility of having a future with him, of things really working out.

Except, after the last date you went on, the way he is communicating (well, actually, the way he is not communicating) is making you wonder if he is losing interest in you or not.

Trying to figure out whether or not a man is losing interest can be extremely confusing. As another resource, I designed a short quiz to help determine whether a man is actually losing interest in you.

It’s hard to separate what it looks like when a man is simply busy and occupied with other things from a man truly being indifferent in pursuing any kind of future with you and has completely lost interest.

That’s why I want to address this topic, from a man’s perspective. See, a lot of women end up getting confused because they feel like it should look a certain way if a guy is losing interest… but then they see a glimmer of hope when the man they like all of a sudden does something “good” or “nice…” causing them to try and figure out whether there is hope and that he actually isn’t losing interest.

This back and forth mental dialogue can be extremely frustrating and confusing to deal with.

Here are some signs that he is losing interest:

Sign #1: You Always Initiate Texts

Are you the one who is always trying to initiate contact?

For example, you might be sitting there looking at your phone wondering why he hasn’t texted or called you. You decide, hey, why not send him a text message just to see what’s up and check in on how he’s doing.

You think of him and you smile because you imagine the possibilities of what could happen between you. You feel a certain way about him and really felt a connection so you assume he also felt the same intense connection that you felt.

This is what you feel when texting him, so when and if he replies, you assume that he also feels what you feel.

But if you think about it… Does he ever initiate contact in any way? If it’s always you initiating the contact, then there is a pretty good chance that he is losing interest.

If a man is interested in a woman, he will go out of his way to contact her. I am not saying he will sit texting back and forth; this is absolutely not the case… But he will make an effort to at least reach out at some point in time and make an effort. This is key; that he makes some kind of effort.

Sign #2: He Hasn’t Made Specific Plans for Another Date

Let’s say you went on a date, things went well and seemed amazing. But then he has never mentioned any kind of specific plan for another date.

You might even bring it up and try to gage his reaction but you get no kind of positive response from him; only vague ones.

If a man is not being specific about wanting to see you again, there either has to be an extremely pressing life reason and some kind of thing he is beyond busy with… or he is simply losing interest.

If a man is interested, he is going to want to make a concrete plan to see you again. An even bigger indication that he is losing interest is if you have even brought up some kind of possible specific plan and he avoids it and ignores it.

Sign #3: You Have Contacted Him and He Has Not Replied (And If He Has the Replies Are Short)

Have you contacted him and said something nice, casual or even flirtatious but gotten zero response from him?

If it has been a long time since you contacted him and he has not responded at all… or the way in which he responds is very short, uninvolved and quick… there is a good chance he is losing interest.

This is kind of a man’s way of not hurting the woman and trying to just get the response over with without actually committing to any kind of plan with her.

He is probably hoping that you will get the message with these kind of responses so he does not have to be mean or rude. I am saying this to be as helpful as I possibly can; I know it is extremely blunt, but this is the truth.

About Nick Bastion

Nick Bastion is a dating and relationship expert with over 10 years of experience helping men and women have the love lives they’ve always wanted. You can find more of his writing at

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