Having Healthy Boundaries Without Becoming Controlling

by Janet Ong Zimmerman on 04/04/2017

If you’ve bought into the myth of unconditional love, you may be against having boundaries. Or if you want to be seen as the cool girl whose easy going and doesn’t rock the boat, you may be uncomfortable enforcing boundaries.

Most of us tend to learn about having and enforcing boundaries through the trial and error approach to love. We go through a lot of pain, heartache and disappointment before understanding why boundaries are essential to a healthy love life.

Having healthy boundaries increases the likelihood for a healthy relationship. Yet many women are hesitant to enforce them because they think they’re going to come across as controlling.

In this video, I explain how you can enforce your boundaries without being controlling. And if you liked that video, you’ll want to read this article for a deeper dive into how to have healthy boundaries without becoming too controlling.

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What is one boundary you can enforce that will make a positive difference in your love life?

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