Frequently Asked Questions

What is coaching?

It’s a collaborative process in which I help you define, express, and strategically move towards what you really want in your love life.  I help you win at your desired outcome and find success on your terms.

Is coaching therapy?

Coaching is not therapy.  While both are valuable in moving you past roadblocks in life, the approach differs.  Coaching is about taking you from where you are now and moving you forward.  Therapy often involves extensively examining your past to define how you got here in the first place.  There are some clients who benefit from working with both professionals concurrently. Coaches do not diagnose or treat any psychiatric disorders.

Who uses a coach?

Individuals, families, small companies, and large corporations all use a coach.  Coaching is found in every industry and situation that can be imagined.  Life provides an abundance of circumstances and coaching provides an abundance of support.

How will you help me move towards the love I really want?

My personal, professional, and educational experience allows me to use my skills in the coaching we do together.  My approach is to:

  • Listen to you for understanding and not for judgment.
  • Ask questions that allow you to think in new and revealing ways.
  • Help you reveal, define, and then focus on your true passions and dreams.
  • Motivate, encourage, and support you every step of the way.
  • Share resources that will assist you and provide good information.
  • Co-create a supportive structure and environment in your life that you can count on.
  • Hold you to your inner highest standard and accountable to your personal best.

What is my role as your client?

While we share the responsibility of this journey, your desires can only be realized with your active participation.  There is no short cut to this journey.  I’m like your personal trainer at the gym.  I provide the equipment and environment for you to succeed.  You have my resources and training to use.  However, it’s up to you to use them.  I will hold you accountable until you have the skills to sustain things the way you want them to be.

How do I know if I’m ready to coach with you?

  • You’re ready now to focus on your love life.
  • You’re willing to ask questions and challenge perceptions.
  • You’re willing to reveal the truth, learn from it and take action.
  • You have a vision, although frequently clouded, of a better life.
  • You’re a highly functioning, intelligent person with a desire to realize your best.

How long will I need a coach?

The length of time is based on you and your situation.  There is a 12-week initial commitment because we need this time to get to the heart of the matter so that we can remove barriers in order to move towards your desired outcome.

Where does my coaching take place?

Coaching takes place effectively in different places and can be face-to-face, speaking tours, by phone, Skype, fax and/or email.  I use many methods to best serve my clients’ needs.  For most purposes, coaching will take place by phone and email or Skype and email.

I’m ready now.  What are my next steps?

Please contact me.  I’d love to meet you and learn about your situation.  We can then set up our coaching sessions.

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