Love Indicator Assessment

When we repeat the same unhealthy relationship patterns, it’s difficult to see and understand why we don’t have the love we desire. Understanding these reasons will empower you to take the right action to have your ideal love life.

The Love Indicator Assessment is empowering. It will show you where you’re at with love, the reasons you haven’t found true love and what you can do to create it. You’ll receive a 6-page report that shows:

  • The operating system that’s running your love life
  • How your operating system affects your love relationship
  • Why changing the programming behind your operating system is difficult to do on your own
  • What it means to your love life if you continue operating in the same mode
  • How ready are you to find true love
  • How to transform your love life
  • How to immediately improve your love life
  • Actionable take-aways

You deserve true love.  If you’re ready to understand at a deeper level, why you don’t have your ideal love life and what to do about it, take the assessment now. It will just take a few minutes.


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