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Janet OngBefore True Love

Having a successful career was a conscious decision I made early in life. While focusing on my career, I thought my love life would just fall into place. My career was easy because I knew how to be successful and was rewarded for doing a great job. As I continued to be promoted into positions of greater responsibility, true love was still missing.

Without a manual, system or clear cut approach to finding love, I became successful at attracting incompatible men, successful at repeating the same old relationship patterns over and over, and successful at not knowing how to break the cycle.

Conventional relationship advice to improve my love life from relationship experts did not work. Books and advice suggested don’t go out with him unless he gives advance notice. Don’t call unless he calls first. If he calls, keep conversations short. When you’re not looking, love will find you. These conventional methods never felt genuine. It felt like I was wearing a mask that would eventually fall off and reveal my true self. Most importantly, I wanted to be with someone with whom I could be myself.

My Wake Up Call

My wake-up call was two breakups with the same man I dearly loved. It was loud and clear, saying, “You’re the common denominator.” Most of the men I’ve had relationships with are good decent men. While my relationships not working out could partly be their fault, the bottom line is that I was the common denominator in all of these relationships.

After inner self reflection, I realized that I attracted the mirror images of myself – most of these men were not open communicators. They didn’t fully express themselves, were somewhat vanilla, and in the relationship with one foot in and one foot out.

What a huge revelation that I wasn’t an open communicator, didn’t fully express myself, was somewhat vanilla, and in the relationship with one foot in and one foot out, playing it safe by not putting myself out there so I wouldn’t get hurt. I’d never seen myself in this way before. These men were simply reflecting back to me who I was.

Cultivating True Love

Looking within and taking responsibility for my contributions gave me an authentic relationship. Freeing internal obstacles so that I could move with ease and clarity towards my ideal relationship transformed my love life. A relationship coach helped me uncover and work through my blind spots to attract and sustain my ideal relationship.

I’m now married to Mr. Wonderful (he’s the man with whom I was twice broken up) and am excited to spend our lives together. I don’t talk with my girlfriends about “problems with my significant other” because our so-called problems have greatly diminished. When there are things that come up, we’re able to handle them in a smoother and productive way. Expressing myself freely and giving without expectations has become who I am.

Because I understand what you’re going through and have successfully transformed my love life as well as others, I know how to help you cultivate your ideal relationship. My vision is that all successful women cultivate love with ease and clarity.


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