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  • 2queenofsheba

    What about men like me? I have had 4 relationships that failed and I think they failed for 4 different reasons.

    • Dear 2queenofsheba, thanks for commenting. I’m not sure I understand the context of your question. If you’d like to explain more, I can better respond.

  • 2queenofsheba

    I have been told my friends that I am too accommodating and that some
    women don’t appreciate me being that way. I have been told that women will take advantage and not respect me for wanting be partners, and my not wanting to take charge.

    • Dear 2queenofsheba, being accommocating can be a very nice quality to bring to your love life. However, if you’re too accommodating, it can be a turnoff because others sense the energy of desperation and perceive this as trying too hard. Many women appreciate a man who is accommodating but doesn’t let himself get taken advantage of or walked on. The opportunity is to be accommodating without letting yourself be taken advantage of or walked on.

  • 2queenofsheba

    My X-wife once told me that she was tired of having sex and that I
    was free to have sex with other women. Then she started accusing
    me of not being faithful to our marriage. During the 17 years of
    marriage, I never had sex or dated another woman. That was one
    of the reasons that I filed divorce. I still haven’t dated since we separated 5 years ago.

    • Dear 2queenofsheba, I’m sorry you have to experience this. You sound like a good man with integrity. May you meet a woman who appreciates you and treats you well. Take care.