Quiz: Does He Woo You?

SetThePaceWoo_SmallWooing is defined as seeking the favor, affection and love of a woman, with the intention of a committed relationship or marriage. Nowadays, wooing is less common while dating has become the norm.

Taking the quiz: Does he woo you? will let you know if you are being wooed or if you are dating. It will bring you awareness of the man you are seeing – you will learn if you are being wooed, dating or possibly being used.

Knowing the situation you are in is empowering. With this knowledge, you can decide to continue with this man as is, make the changes necessary to improve things or cut ties.

Your life is too precious to spend with someone who may not deserve you. If you want to know whether he is wooing, dating or using you, take this quiz now. In a few short moments, you’ll have your answer.

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